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What glitches do automatic cartoning machine have in general

Date:2020/11/14 15:17:46 Click:14

What glitches do automatic cartoning machine have in general

Automatic cartoning machine is a very practical mechanical equipment, the utility lies in its high degree of automation, can effectively improve production efficiency, save enterprise labor costs, so it is used in a number of industries. However, any machine equipment, the use of a long time is there will be some large size of the fault problem, so the automatic cartoning machine generally have some small faults?

1. Automatic cartoning machine carton does not suck down: whether the carton is neatly placed. Whether the cartons are pasted together. Is the air pressure in the suction head normal?

2.Stoppage or stoppage of the conveyor belt of the box loading machine: stop the stoppage to check whether there is a shortage of material, and start the machine automatically. Stop the machine and check whether the power supply, motor or governor is normal.

3.After the box is sucked down, it is deformed or pops out at the opening of the box feeding template: first, check whether the box is too hard. Check whether the box guide rod is not in proper position with the box feed plate. Check whether the small hook spring at the back of the box feeding template is deformed. Check that the height of the suction box suction head and the feed box track are correct.

4.Automatic cartoning machine manual can't suck down: first check whether the manual is out of shape, leading to suction head can't suck down. See if the suction is parallel to the specification. If the paper width and size are different, the error must be within 1mm. The stacking position of the manual should be adjusted to be 0.5mm different from the inner edge when the suction head rises to the highest position. The small splitter hook on the suction head of the origami moves too early. Generally small hooks should be inserted into the space between the sheets of paper before the suction head is about to drop. Adjust the height of the small hook. The suction head should be 0.5mm away from the highest position.

Automatic cartoning machine generally have a small fault is basically the above problems, after looking at these problems is not the fault of the cartoning machine to understand more, so as to better repair and maintenance of the automatic cartoning machine, improve the stability of the machine, efficiency of production.