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Cartoning Machine News

The eight detailed operation procedures of the Automatic cartoning machine

Date:2021/1/11 13:47:01 Click:6
Eight detailed operation procedures of the Automatic cartoning machine

Automatic cartoning machine is a very important mechanical equipment for enterprises that need to use it to package products, because it can improve production capacity for enterprises and reduce the labor cost. And our operators must know how to operate the Automatic cartoning machine, today to explain the detailed operation process.

The eight detailed operation steps of the automatic cartoning machine are as follows:

1.put the small box and the instructions in the specified position according to the specified direction, and then turn on the main power switch of the cartoning machine to the right.

2. Switch on the right side of the screen and wait to enter the boot page.
Cartoning machine

3.Double click Kingview to enter the box machine operating system, click Run to enter the login page, enter the user name and password to log in.

4. Reset the last batch of production and modify the batch number of the product.

5.Double click "InspectExpress" to enter.

Automatic cartoning machine

6. Click the green check box below to enter the next interface, click the tool to enter, move the mouse over the red box and right click to change the production date and expiration date of this batch of product.

7.Return to the operation page of the automatic cartoning machine and click Manual. At this time, the red buttons on the screen will turn to green. Then click the yellow button at the bottom of the screen and click the green start button for packing when the first Endo enters the track.

8. After the end of production, clean the track, chain and panel of the automatic cartoning machine, and then click "X" on the upper right corner to exit Kingview and InspectExpress. After the complete exit, click "Start" to shut down.

The above is the eight detailed operation process of the automatic cartoning machine. Only by understanding the specific operation process of the packing machine can we run the production more safely and effectively, so as to better improve the production efficiency.