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Cartoning Machine News

The correct operation of the Automatic cartoning machine makes its life longer

Date:2020/11/9 16:08:34 Click:19
The correct operation of the Automatic cartoning machine makes its life longer

When using the Automatic cartoning machine, our staff must first check whether there are any abnormalities in the machine, to be familiar with the operation of the machine, to understand the working principle of the machine and other aspects of the ability, in order to safely run the Automatic cartoning machine. The Automatic cartoning machine is made of solid stainless steel, which is the reason why the service life of the Automatic cartoning machine is relatively long.

To carry out more maintenance on the Automatic cartoning machine, can reduce the failure rate of equipment, can also extend the use time of the machine, but also can increase the productivity efficiency of the machine.
Generally speaking, the maintenance of the Automatic cartoning machine is to clean the machine, add lubricant, check the engine, check and replace some worn parts.

Secondly, some necessary inspection work such as transmission, compressed air, power train, control system, fault detection and maintenance should also be done to lengthen the service life of the packing machine.

When the manufacturer does not produce or stop the Automatic cartoning machine for a long time, the staff also need to protect the machine in advance, moisture proof, and other work to avoid corrosion and rust of the gear or parts of the machine.

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