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Cartoning Machine News

Pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine characteristics of the difference

Date:2020/11/26 16:10:51 Click:10
Pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine characteristics of the difference

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more developed society, many enterprises in product production and processing of automatic machinery and equipment, let the machine to replace the staff to complete the production, automatic machinery and equipment enterprises in order to save labor costs, can also bring more efficient production efficiency, automatic packing machine is a kind of automatic machinery and equipment.

Automatic packing machine

What are the characteristics of the Pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine? The difference is that drug packers need to put instructions in the package, while food packers generally do not.

The carton of the Pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine shall be printed with production date, batch number, validity period, etc. These procedures are carried out during the packaging process.

Pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine should also check the quality of the internally packed drug to ensure that the drug meets the quality requirements.

Pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine  features

S PLC automatic control, frequency conversion speed regulation, electrical components are internationally renowned brands.

■ Equipped with human-machine interface operating system.
■ Main drive overload protection, can automatically display the cause of failure, packing speed, finished product count.
The function and operation manual of material loss and elimination can be automatically detected.
Automatic stop without material or operation manual.
■ Stable performance, simple operation, easy to understand.

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