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Cartoning Machine News

Development of mask packing machine in beauty industry

Date:2020/12/3 16:23:53 Click:9
Development of Facial mask cartoning packaging machine in beauty industry

With the continuous development and progress of times , the definition of beauty and health care of people is constantly updated, and its demand is also constantly improving, which is conducive to the rapid development of Facial mask industry in China. As there is no monopolistic or benchmarking brand management leader in the facial mask market, there will be more room for development in China's facial mask market.

Facial mask cartoning packaging machine

With the development of market economy, consumers' demand for facial masks is increasing gradually. Facial masks must also be made more efficient. The whole process of the Facial mask cartoning packaging machine from the feeding of the machine box to the final packaging molding can be roughly divided into four stages: lower box, opening, filling and closing.

The lower case action is usually drawn by a suction cup from the carton inlet and then lowered to the main line of the carton. The carton is fixed with guide rail and opened with push plate. At the same time, two forward-moving cards rise from below, blocking the sides of the carton from the front and back, opening the box at right angles and moving forward to the filled area.

After the filling area, the Facial mask cartoning packaging machine will fold the ear into the left and right guide rails and then close the cover. The front mechanism of the lid first bends the tongue of the carton, then a push plate pushes the lid to bend, causing the tongue to be inserted into the box and locked tightly. Close action is the key action, related to the structure of the carton and the accuracy of the machine adjustment.

Through this kind of integrated, intelligent and mechanized Facial mask cartoning packaging machine, the production efficiency of the enterprise is greatly improved, which not only meets the current market demand, but also speeds up the industrialization development of our country.

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