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Cartoning Machine News

Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine

Date:2020/1/16 10:46:45 Click:35

Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine

Pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine is new and further improvement model on the basis of advanced technology at home and abroad, it is integrated high-tech product in the field of machine, electricity, gas and light.
automatic cartoning machine
Pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine is suitable for cartoning packaging of pharmaceutical pharmaceutical plate, ampere bottle, oral liquid, milk powder, nutrition rice flour, and similar items,the machine can automatically complete manual folding, paper box opening, goods cartoning, batch number printing, paper tonguev sealing of double ends and other work.

Pharmaceutical automatic cartoning machine can be used alone, and it also can be connected with other equipment for forming production line(Hot melt adhesive machine can be equipped).

Ruian Huahao Packaging Machinery Factory is located on the ruian city china, is a famous production base of packaging and pharmaceutical machinery in China. With these unique advantages in resources, Huahao machinery, specializing in the production of various series of multi-function automatic cartoning  machine. is a set product development, production, sales and service into a scientific and technological enterprise.

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