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How to deal with the performance degradation of the LED bulb cartoning machine

Date:2020/12/28 14:00:34 Click:6
How to deal with the performance degradation of the LED bulb cartoning machine

LED bulb cartoning machine is a kind of machinery with excellent performance and quality. The non-standard way of use and the lack of timely maintenance are the biggest influencing factors that affect the normal operation of the packing machine and cause changes in performance. The most basic basis and guarantee for us to use the packing machine is that the parts which have been damaged seriously and have no use value need to be replaced in time.

Want to be able to run the box for a long time, the most important thing is to strengthen the maintenance of it. When using this kind of LED bulb cartoning machine, the working efficiency is often not high because of improper operation.

Today, I would like to introduce LED bulb cartoning machine usage to you in detail.

1. Before use, we should make relevant preparations, check whether all the safety devices have been correctly configured and adjusted, and check whether the amount of lubricating oil and air pressure are within the specified range.

2. Turn on the power, close the automatic switch in the electrical box, power on the touch screen to display the initial screen, gently click any point on the initial screen, the touch screen enters the language selection surface, and gently click the language of use to enter the operating surface.

3. Hold down the oil pump button and add oil manually for about 10 seconds. It is also necessary to pull the hand wheel, rotate 3 to 4 working cycles in accordance with the direction of the machine, and observe the operation of each part. Then, put the paper box, cartridge plate and instruction manual on the hand wheel, and rotate the hand wheel in accordance with the operation of the machine. At this time, pay attention to the operation of each part, and make timely adjustment when necessary.

For more information about the use of the LED bulb cartoning machine, please