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What is the factory price of automatic cartoning machine sold in China

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What is the factory price of automatic cartoning machine sold in China

The automatic cartoning machine can complete a series of operations, such as feeding, opening, entering, batch number printing, sealing, etc. of the assembly line products. The price is generally between 100000-300000 yuan. The automatic cartoning machine produced by China Huahao machinery is very cost-effective, so it can be considered.
Automatic cartoning machine
Let's introduce the performance of the automatic food packing machine produced by Huahao machinery

Food automatic cartoning machine is a new multi-functional automatic cartoning machine which is further improved by Huahao machinery on the basis of advanced cartoning technology at home and abroad. It is a high-tech product integrating machine, electricity, gas and light.

The automatic boxing machine is suitable for packaging and packing of aluminum and plastic plates, medicine bottles, oral liquid, paste, mask, cosmetics, various kinds of electronic products, daily necessities and similar articles in the pharmaceutical industry.

The equipment can automatically complete the folding of operation manual, carton opening, carton loading, batch number printing and sealing. The machine can be used alone or connected with other equipment to form a production line.

As our packaging equipment is factory price, so it has a very competitive, welcome to inquire about the price of automatic food packaging machine.

We also provide a variety of packaging equipment, such as: LED light automatic cartoning machine, medicine automatic cartoning machine, cosmetics automatic cartoning machine, etc.
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