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non-standard multi-functional packaging equipment 【cartoning machine】

Date:2020/3/17 23:07:58 Click:9

non-standard multi-functional packaging equipmentcartoning machine

1. Hhz-80D cartoning machine is a multifunctional automatic cartoning machine (non-standard). This automatic cartoning machine can produce a variety of different product cartoning equipment, such as: automatic blade cartoning machine (non-standard). This cartoning equipment is applicable to the cartoning and packaging of blades, double-sided razor blades and similar products.

2. The machine process of multi-functional cartoning equipment [cartoning machine]: cutting of blades in cartoning machine → counting of finished products → forming of cartons → cartoning of blades → sealing of paper tongue at both ends (hot melt glue machine can be added).

3. The electrical components of multi-functional box loading equipment [box loading machine] are all international famous brands. The box loading equipment is equipped with main drive overload protection, automatic detection of blade missing, removal and other kinetic energy.

4. The multi-functional box loading equipment [box loading machine] has a box loading speed of 60-90 boxes / min and operates 24 hours without gaps.
cartoning machine
Because of the increase of production, the difficulty of recruitment and the difficulty of management of employees, the cartoning machine just solves the above problems.

Improve the output, reduce the staff to the unmanned workshop mode, promote the product production to the packaging line, and accurately grasp the production efficiency. Based on the above advantages of cartoning equipment, more and more manufacturers are interested in purchasing multifunctional cartoning equipment [cartoning machine].

 If you want to know more about multifunctional cartoning equipment [Automatic cartoning machine], and the price of multifunctional cartoning machine, please contact our sales personnel.

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